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Once again I am depicted as the Villain because I will not give in to the system
I will not over look your actions for action and have full time stress for part time satisfaction NO that will not happen so I am the Villain
You are not different I am not different I am man you are wombman taught to be woman lost your understanding so now I stand the Villain
I use to cheer for my dear until my vision got clear then my face covered in tears when I realized I ran my wombman far away and time past so fast my true Villainist past seems like yesterday I hate and pray some can take this hate away I mean true hate not the meaning yall have today that's why I stay away because I will prey on the things I hate and really become the Villain or a ordinary hero

SCRIV 2016
Another old poem

I found this in one of my old work jacket pockets
RANDOM THOUGHTS (date unknown):

The day I gave up was the day I grew up
Who can control such not us
So I let it go to grow
Unsure of what's in store
Afraid to open the door
But I must or stay stuck
So I gave up on fear like I gave up on trust and started to trust self
Had doubt but I gave that up to touch what was once us
But not us
But that feeling
I mean a true companion and to have that backed by facts
I had to give up on my inner mack
NAW !!! I'n lieing
I'm also trying to give up on that
I gave up on the games people play
I gave up on rules
now I do it my way
I gave up on asking
Because really
who cares ?
I gave up on complaining because it will never be fair
I gave up on giving fucks
way before fear and trust
if you tally up what I gave up it's more then someone who really gave up

SCRIV date unknown

Niggaz a lease anything these days. This nigga gonna ask me can he chill at my house until the repo man leave. I was fucked up because he don't have a vehicle. So I asked "What they trying to repo bruh?" This nigga gonna say "My Gucci belt" WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!

SCRIV 2016

PSA: Letting WNBA size women jerk you off is not good for self esteem.

Their hand are to damn big ! Thank you now back to your timelines lol !

LMBAO !!!!

SCRIV 2016

The chef at the battered women's shelter served duck for breakfast ,lunch and dinner every day. I wonder was he trying to tell them something.

Lmbao !

SCRIV 2016

FEAR. pg.2

I can't stand the sight of what's called right when it got me fighting for my life
Watching the fools go after fools goals awarded with fools gold
Souls sold to those who hold the shine
In hopes of escaping the darkness one feels inside
So we strive and strive until we die
Why fear the reaper ?

SCRIV 2021

I understand more and care less
Please don't let me go insane
I don't want to know your name
Unless you bring forth a positive change to our many different terrains
I will never be best
But better is obtainable and sustainable
Hate is programmed love is a distant memory
Truth is illegal nothing is what it use to be
They say as a people we are getting better
Better at what ?
The worst lie a human ever told was the one told to self
We follow all the rules but haven't been healthy our entire lives
But don't have the guts to ask why
We just sat and watch our love ones die

SCRIV 2016
FEAR pg.3

What's a little white lie ?
What's the ugly truth ?
These are falsehoods that we feed the youth
Love is confused and abused threw and threw
Trained to lie to me" look in the mirror then lie to you
I'm not innocent I just took notice and tried to fix it
Sometimes I'm conflicted
I blame it on ignorance
How can someone full of melinine hate my skin ?
Why must I pretend I'm not offended ?
Just to dodge a sentence
Why the word toxic is getting placed in front of everything masculine ?
What's family and friends ?
What feels like the end can actually be the beginning of one's being in the space they truly fit in
Maybe I'm just crazy or maybe my subconscious is trying to save me
The Unknown is just that

SCRIV 2021
Parasite 1

I was once told you can't blame the ignorant
Now ignorance is worn like a mask
How did it get there ?
Where did it come from ?
As we grow old we cherish life
As we glance across our memories it changes our sight
Now I see it's seeds planted like trees in the minds of our seeds like parasites
Every day one must fight ones internal parasites all while dodging people under the influence
The zombie apocalypse has came to life
Not in death but in life
So many are being controlled by Social Parasites
Look at our plight
Continue the fight

SCRIV 2021aka K.P

Bitch ! you said you were different but have all the same insecurities, emotional instabilities, unreasonable in ever situation
Your excuse is "at some point in your life you was broken and if I cared I would hang around until you have fixed yourself" (well)
Bitch ! I aint waiting
It's not that I am impatient
It's that you are a patient waiting to be admitted to some sort of mental clinic
I tried to help but I don't have the right certificates
I can not administer the proper verdict you are in search of
I am not the cause and me being stressed will not be the effect of your pass endeavors
Bitch ! you must first get your shit together before trying to get together with a fella
If you knew better you would do better
It's not your fault you never learn to accept fault
I truly do pity you yes I do pity you BITCH !!!!

SCRIV 2016
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