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VenomnymouS: Introduceyourself

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hello to all the fine folks on this platform. lot's of great content on here for sure! 

(I'll keep this brief)

I go by a couple monikers "VenomnymouS" and "I Am AwareWolf". I've been a truth seeker since 2011 and proactively spreading truths ever since.

I came across OTWtube after I lost my main channel on youtube and was looking for more alternative platforms. I like the layout of this website and look forward to contributing to it with some of my own content. 

Like I said eariler i'mma keep this brief. However, I have a much more thorough backstory posted on Hive if you are interested in knowing more about me.  

With that said this is VenomnymouS - "Reporting from the Brave New World"

All my social media links over on heylink

All my social media links over on [heylink](

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