Make Me Free: City Corruption (Stretch Bar And Grill)

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Make Me Free
Sundays 10PM EST
Host: @joel_sajji
Guest: @stretchsportsbar
Producer: @sashbyfilms

Music Breaks And Intro Music By: Artist @quarterthegreat #publicenemy

Topics: City Corruption: Metro Chicago Suburb Waukegan, Illinois
King Of Lake County ( Lake County, IL)

LIVE Broadcast On Closing Of "Stretch Bar And Grill" At 200. N.Greenbay Rd.
The City's Stance To Keep It Closed, And The Owners Effort's To Keep It Open.

Black Business VS. City Business, And How They Clash With One Another. We Will Bring In Guest Speaker, Business Owner Maurice Stretch Barnett To Discuss The Uphill Battle To Do "Business", With The City Of Waukegan And Its Surrounding Areas. We'll Expose City "Business Practices" To Dismantle An Establishment From Developing And Growing As An Establishment Within The City Limits.

You Dont Want To Miss This Show Tonight!!!

Links For References And Sources:

Chicago Sun Times
By: Stevie Warmbir And Frank Main
Staff Reporters
February 24, 2008
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