Vault 7 Wikileaks

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266   1 year ago
SIndyAshby | 105 subscribers
266   1 year ago
Now imagine your buying the Smart TV, Smart CellPhones & Smart Cars and paying a bill every month to these corporations and we should be sending the bills to the government. If you want to ever have a private conversation about anything just leave with the clothes on your back and walk in a non surveillance area. Not sure where that would be though. All those people who thought Pookie had ratted on them better think twice. Perhaps you snitched on your own self. Next time someone tells you they are off the grid truly make sure they don't drive, watch tv or carry a phone. #georgeorwell #1984 is alive and well in our #matrix I can't imagine the other documents Wikileaks's will be dropping from Vault 7 but sounds like a album release party that everyone wants to hear but nobody is paying attention to the lyrics. What are the odds of #trump tweeting about obama wire tapping him. He left out that #bigbrother is watching all of us and we are all a part of the show. We should at least get royalties don't y'all think? #wakethefuckup imagine the whole world is truly a stage.
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