Black Hypersexuality Pt2

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Pt 2 of the discussion covering hypersexuality, digs deeper into the statistical data which highlights the risks involved with promiscuity and how and overindulgence of this behavior will lead to a unisexuality and the spread of all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases.

Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik from @the_vanguarduf
Opening - Me Too
Closing - Mister
Available at

Reading from:
Afrikan Manhood in The 21st Century by Imhotep Asis Fatiu @imhotepfatiu available at

An Afrikan Centered Response to The lgbtqia Organizations and Thier Agenda: The Conversation no one wants to have - by Olatunji Mwamba @olatunjim54

Makes Me Wanna Holler by Nathan McCall available at

Homosexuality and The Effeminization of Afrikan Males by Mwalimu Baruti available at
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