Dr. Christina Parks Testimony -

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21   23 days ago
KazeCutlass | 24 subscribers
21   23 days ago
#DrChristinaParks takes a dump all over this vaxxine narrative and the LIES we are being told...by our (s)elected officials.

There is SO MUCH information that counters the state-sponsored narrative. We just have to seek it out.

We're at the point where #ThePeople need to learn the proper LANGUAGE in order to preserve their Rights. More importantly...there are folks who should definitely be in prison.

#Canada is gone, #Australia is gone. The #USA is on its last legs when it comes to #Liberty.

Imma tell you...this ain't the HALF of what we have on our plate. This is just ONE TOPIC.

We have been covering these topics IN DEPTH on #OnTheWakeUpRadio. Check out www.OTWTune.com for #FreeSpeech social media @otwtube
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