America Under Seige - Linda Thompson (1994)

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#LindaThompson's mind-blowing 1994 documentary about the encroaching #PoliceState.

Sadly, she is exactly right about many of her 27 year old conclusions...and will probably be proven right about those to come.

This one little excerpt does the documentary NO JUSTICE, but it tells us a lot.

Linda Thompson's team investigates #CampFEMA, #DomesticSpecialOperations, and WHO is involved in those operations, including HOW to identify when your town or city is about to be taken over. There ARE hallmarks.

This investigative report discusses the bombing of the #MoveOrganization, and the connection to #RubyRidge, and the #WacoMassacre.

This clip begins with #MikeBenn and #CarolBenn. Because of their political activities, their neighbor's house was mistakenly missiled by a mysterious #BlackHelicopter. Take notes.

I found this info when I looked into #OperationRingOfFire.
She also discusses #OperationAgileProvider.
Remember the #DispositionMatrix
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