Another Love Story in NYC (Any Sidewalk)

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Starring Larry Romano from Donnie Brasco and Kings of Queens

Log line
A short Romantic comedy that can happen on the streets of New York City.

A melting pot of JUDY’S & ABE’S. They make a strong connection that only keeps them always changing in the same situation while their surroundings never change. Perhaps Another love story in NYC is just like any sidewalk encounter?


Act 1 summary

There is a bunch of quarters, dimes & nickels all over the ground outside. There is a female stooping down picking up every single coin mumbling under her breath very bitterly. A shadow figure of a man stands over her from behind. This scene signifies change. Perhaps the more we change the more things are the same. Judy reminds Abe she is a damsel in distress. Abe just wants to get Judy’s phone number and shake her hand politely. Judy reminds Abe that she just finished picking up change off of a NYC street and it’s filthy with bum piss. Abe reminds Judy that it’s as simple as carrying a phone and a wallet. Who still carries a change purse? Judy points out she does as Judy Purse which is her real name.

Act 2 summary
Judy and Abe fix their attention on the weirdo pissing on the street. The weirdo filming the weirdo pissing in the street. A bum begging several pedestrians for change. The bum is being ignored or yelled at by pedestrians. The pedestrian says get a job to which the bum responds with this is my job. When a pedestrian decides to be kind. It isn’t enough for the bum who only cares about money. Pedestrian rappers who turn looters. Lost pedestrians made obscure by business pedestrians. Abe isn’t phased by all of the greedy street tactics that most encounter everyday.

Act 3 summary

Abe is grateful to finally get Judy number. Only to realize that his phone and wallet are missing. After Judy walks away. Abe got so caught up with The beauty of Judy that he forgot he is still in New York City where everyone wants to change but it’s gonna have to wait until you have enough change to eat first. Any side walk can mean any hustle. The love story is about the love of things we want and the things we will steal.

Sindy Ashby

Another love Story in NYC (Any Sidewalk)
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