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When I was on Instagram I would post things to my stories to have engagement on topics that people really don’t like to talk about. Well I’m going to give that a shot here. Let’s hope some of you join the conversation in the comment section.

What do you believe? Is the earth a globe or is it flat. Presented here is a flat earth model that that community believes to be true and there is a government/world conspiracy to keep us from the truth. Well I will say this, these guys do make compelling arguments yet it’s hard to go against everything you thought you knew about where you live. Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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I once had a guest say. I believe none of the lies in told. I do not have a rocket or space ship. So if it’s flat or round, I will never truly know. I’m too busy with taxes, bills, ground hogs day daily stuck in a trap cycles. Personally I see water, star dust and gasses… we are but a spec of dust. Humans are full of shit. I like the flat theory with mist and gasses.. Carbon-12 is composed of 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons.
I’ve over analyzed, this is why I won’t obsess over it till I get in my rocket
Read the book of Enoch and it changed my perspective on a lot! Definitely believe the earth is flat.