On The Wake Up: (1984) A Brave New World

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Host • Kazcut On The Wake Up
1984: A Brave New World

TUNE IN LIVE 23:30 (11:30pm) CPTime

#OnTheWakeUp #Podcast
Host: Kaze Cutlass kazcut
Cohost: Masonic Marine @masonicmarine
Producer: Sindy Ashby @sashbyfilms

In the following hour(s) we will talk about the encroaching #TotalitarianState, and how to navigate this #BraveNewWorld.

These topics and so much more. Tune in on the website www.OnTheWakeUpRadio.com AND the IG Live. Be a part of the conversation. We LOVE your input.
Also...check us out on www.OTWTube.com for #FreeSpeech Social Media.
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Could it be that the meme was created by them?