On The Wake Up: The Court Of The People

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On The Wake Up
Sundays 11:30 PM Est
Hosted By: Kaze Cutlass
Masonic Marine
Producer: Sindy Ashby (otwtube.com)

Are We Seeing A Cleanup Of The "Global Elite Criminal Cartel"? Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Benjamin Netanyahu...Just A Coincidence...Or Is There A Great Revelation At Hand?

Now That We Made It Through Winter, We're Still Not Out Of Danger Of A "Dark Winter" Type Of Event. Whether It's Another "Plandemic" A "Cyber Attack", "Coronal Mass Ejection", Or The Government CUTS THE POWER...It's Best To Stay Prepared. Have You Heard Of "Cyber Polygon 2021"? Our Enslavers At The "World Economic Forum" Are Planning Something MAJOR... Kinda Like "Event 201".

Did You Hear About The "Killer Drone" That Went ROGUE...And Autonomously Hunted Down A Man? Nah? We Warned You... And Now Those Days Are Here. What Is The "Disposition Matrix", And Did You Make The Cut? Or Should You Learn Some Ways To Evade The "Kill Bots"?

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