soulful_movement fucUpKLIP The Extermination of Blacks

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This one is disturbing. Started balling when I came across this one.
In a distant past ,living in a higher CONCIOUSNESS society, the leaders of those times ,were playing God by doing foolery. Thus the beauty of Mother Gaia, a sentient being, not having it ,she "RESET HUMANITY" with a stroke of her awesomeness ,I'm talking some serious CLEANSING of the "SANDBOX" . In my readings, this has happened at least twice. There's evidence of this through out the world.

Quoting The Great TESLA: " You will live to see Man made Horrors Beyond your Comprehension "
So ,this here FOOLERY, will NOT go unchecked ,this FUCKERY of MADNESS is fucking me up right now.
Always wonder ,why the hatred for the black man, I had some theories, but this one right here , involving the FUCTARDS at the ceeDeeCee, spells out another reason for Mother Gaia to do her thing ,to CLEANSE THE "SANDBOX"
PLEASE LOOK INTO MOVING into higher grounds. The rising of waters WILL HAPPEN, new shore lines will be established.
The rabbit hole is deeper than the color of our skins is an UNDERSTATEMENT.
When it comes to a date ,all I can say ,with in the next 2 to 4 years. Don't quote me on this. It could be with in 6 months. Nothing is certain. Mother Gaia Likes surprises.
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