On The Wake Up: Revelation(s)

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On The Wake Up
Sundays 11:30 PM Est.
Hosted By: Kaze Cutlass (Kazcut)
Masonic Marine
Producer: Sindy Ashby (Sashbyfilms)

So Much Is Being Exposed About Our Current Situation And Existence. Since The Beginning Of 2020 We Told You To Study Older Content, Just To Grasp What We Are Living In Today.

What Is The "Codex Alimemtarius", And How We Are Living Under It Today.

Still Talking About "Operation Ring Of Fire" And Maybe "Operation Gladio". We Need Some Answers.

We Have Some Updates On The CVid Vaxxine And The "unforseen" Side Effects.

And...You Hear About The Recent "Cyber Attack" On Our Energy Infrastructure? We Told You From 2019 That We Are Under Substained And Consistent "Cyber Attacks". Are You Prepared?

Biggup Governor "Jesse Ventura" And Dr. Lima Raibow For Trying To Warn Us Over A Decade Ago...Some Of Us Remember.

Peep The Propaganda

Tune In LIVE Onthewakeupradio.com
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