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Hello everyone on OTWTube. I created my channel to showcase the content that I made during the time my small unofficial videography company was in business. During that time I made an Instagram page and started making video edits of viral videos and video challenges made with music for the likes of producers like Remix God Suede. I got plenty of content but due to time constraints, I haven't had time to get many videos uploaded. I also don't want to just give you a large batch of videos off the bat so please be patient with me. If you see this and you would like to be entertained please subscribe to my channel and engage with my content. Let me know if you remember the viral situations if you like or dislike the video and if I should make new content to add to the channel. 

Three Lee Films

8   2 months ago
ThreeLeeFilms | 3 subscribers
8   2 months ago
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