Let me ask y’all a question? wTF? Happen to HIPPA LAWS

I walk in a store I have an appointment with. They wanna take temperature to my head with the temperature Gun thing. It said I was 103.6

I tell the lady it’s hot outside. I’m sweating like a runaway slave. I take off my sweater and give her my arm. It says 98.7 

The lady says I can’t let you in because your head temperature is fever high. 

I say lady, I ain’t got no damn fever, what about my arms?

She proceeds to tell me. I wanna let you in but you have a raging fever in your head. She ask! Have you been fully vaccinated? 

I say Are you a doctor or nurse?

Have you been to medical school? Do you want my Pap smear test and HIV test results? How about a list of medication I’m taking?

If you can’t discern as the bitch behind a desk and can’t work a temperature Gun. Me telling you my medical history means what? 

I say lady... how does the head say one thing and the body say another? I’m a chimera?

She raises the gun and clicks it again.

And says oh your fever is coming down it’s saying 99 now...

I say it must be a miracle... 

she lets me into my appointment. 

I truly hate that we are dealing with everyday folks who don’t have common sense. Mofos act like bouncers at a night club. You not letting me in because I won’t do as you say?! GTFOH 

You think if I had 103.6 fever I would drag my ass outside. You must not know who the fuck I am. I would of been at deaths door at 103.6 & now I’m in Jack ass land trying to get you to google or duck duck go why my neck down is 98.7

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318   2 years ago
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