RE: 20 questions Black people have for White people (2018)

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50   20 days ago
NickTaylor | 42 subscribers
50   20 days ago
I removed this video from my YT page, been up since 2018 and a couple days ago it was Flagged for hate speech. **shrug**
Original description pasted...
We're on a downward spiral with no end in sight. America has a Black POTUS (well he's the 2nd one as Bubba Clinton was the first) has had Black Sec of Defense, Sec of State, we have Black Congressman, Senators, Military Generals, Supreme Court justice, Judges, Lawyers, Surgeons, Mayors and Chiefs of Police all across the fruited plains! Pop Icons don't count to me of any color because that's worthless IMO when it comes to power structure. What the hell do you people want out of a group of people that BARELY account for 13% of the Nations population? Geez...

And since I've posted this I saw some dude called the Amazing Atheist did one and I watched it. I don't know who he is but he's kinda on track.
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