On The Wake Up: Interview w/ Elder Ocie Burton II Pt.2

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On now • On The Wake Up
Interview With Elder Ocie Burton II Part 2

TUNE IN LIVE 23:30 (11:30pm) CPTime

#OnTheWakeUp #Podcast
Host: Kaze Cutlass @kazcut
Cohost: Masonic Marine @masonicmarine
Producer: Sindy Ashby @sashbyfilms

This is our second interview with Elder Ocie Burton II. This will be EXCLUSIVELY on www.OnTheWakeUpRadio.com

Tonight's discussion will be about:

Each Human Being MUST ORGANIZE Self & Family First before entering the Collective body of people to assist in Rebuilding the Village 

If you tuned in for the last discussion you KNOW you don't want to miss this one.
These topics and so much more. Listen LIVE  on the website www.OnTheWakeUpRadio.com AND the IG Live. Be a part of the conversation. We LOVE your input.
Also...check us out on www.OTWTube.com for #FreeSpeech Social Media.

Special Guest: Ocie Burton II
Website: www.Ksyet.org
(Entrepreneurship Program For The Youth And Beyond)
Email: ociehowardburtonii@gmail.com
Startup Program: Star6tupbusiness2@gmail.com
Call/Text: (702) 841-9662
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