On The Wake Up: How To Beat The New World Order

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On now•On The Wake Up
How To Beat The New World Order...?

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#OnTheWakeUp #Podcast
Host: Kaze Cutlass @kazcut
Cohost: Masonic Marine @masonicmarine
Producer: Sindy Ashby @sashbyfilms

We are living in an age of all-out #Treason. Not only is the government violating the Constitution, but the violations are being committed under false pretenses. This is what we call #FalsePositivePolitics. Can we win this fight, or do we have to let the events play out? The choice is yours.

As we know, New York State is a beta test state, just like California. If it works in New York, it will be implemented in other states. This is week ONE of the new \/axxine Mandate. How far will this go? Will NY stand up? #RiseOfTheGestapo.

In tonight's edition of #PeepThePropaganda, we are going to look at some disturbing imagery that has been spotted in popular movies...coincidence? Or a sign of things to come? (IF we allow it)

How do we beat the #NewWorldOrder? Can we beat the #NWO?  Or should I say the #GlobalRegimeOfEconomicInterdependence.  Tune in to hear some suggestions for liberation.

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