On The Wake Up: Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

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On The Wake Up
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Host: Masonic Marine
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On now On The Wake Up
Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

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Host: Kaze Cutlass @kazcut
Cohost: Masonic Marine @masonicmarine
Producer: Sindy Ashby @sashbyfilms

With the death of John McAfee, AGAIN, we are left with more questions than answers. Like Anthony Bourdain, McAfee spoke openly about the corruption in high places, INCLUDING government-sponsored drug trafficking, and government sponsored #HumanTrafficking. Still think it was suicide?

Whatsup with this Surfside Building Collapse? Was it a sinkhole? An incompetent structural engineer? A #DirectedEnergyWeapon? Last time I saw a building come down like that it was 9/11/2001. Was this ANOTHER sacrifice? Or just impeccable timing? We're touching back on the #SeasonOfSacrifice info.

And...did you hear about the USA FINALLY giving us #UFODisclosure? Time to discuss what it is, and what it ain't.

These topics and SO MUCH MORE. Tune in to the network AND the IG Live to be a part of the conversation. We are facing HEAVY CENSORSHIP, so expect nothing less tonight.

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