On The Wake Up: Civil War or Revolution

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On The Wake Up
Sundays 11:30PM EST
Hosted By: Kaze Cutlass
Masonic Marine
Producer: Sindy Ashby (otwtube.com)
Sindy Ashby Productions

Now That The Mask Mandate Has Been Lifted Has Anything REALLY Changed? What Can We Expect In The Weeks And Months To Come? What Are We NOT Paying Attention To?

Anti-body Deoendent Enhancement? What Is It? And What Does It Mean For Vac Recipients? Have You Heard Of The "Deagel Forecast" For 2025? No? Well, Stand By!!!

We Are FIVE DAYS From The Deadline For UFO Disclosure. What Kind Of "False Flag" Can We Anticipate In The Coming Days And Weeks? We'll Sift Through Some Headlines And See What We Can Glean.

And...Did You Hear The One About Scotland's "Euthanasia Bill"? That's Right, Scottish Liberals Are Doing What Liberals Do Best. THIS TIME It's Pushing For Assisted Death. "Peep The Propaganda". Don't Be Surprised If You See It Pop Up In The USA SOON ENOUGH.

It Is Fathers Day And The Day After "Juneteenth". Time To Reflect On Some Black Stuff. Where We're At And Where We're Headed. "Reparations" "Revolution" "Pan-Africanism" And "Black Love"

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