Make Me Free: "Don't Forget To Serve My Country Boy"

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Make Me Free
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U.S Army Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario Filed A Lawsuit Against Two Virginia Police Officers In Federal Court Over What Court Papers Say Was A Violent Traffic Stop In December 2020.

Nazario Was Pulled Over While Driving His New SUV With Temporary Tags In Windsor, Virginia, A Town 70 Miles Southeast Of Richmond.

Bodycam Footage Shows The Officers Pulling Their Guns On Nazario Who Sat In His SUV In His Uniform. The Suit Goes On To Say During The Arrest Nazario Had His Hands Up, Offered No Resistance, But Was Violently Knocked To The Ground And Detained.

The Police Chief Responded To The Scene And Nazario Was Released Without Charges, The Lawsuit Says.

Want To Go Serve My Country Or Go To Jail? Cops Going The Extra Mile To Lose Their Pension. Hope It Was Worth Every Moment.

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