On The Wake Up: They Coming For The Children

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On The Wake Up
Sundays 11PM EST
Hosts: Kaze Cutlass (Kazcut)
Producer: Sindy Ashby

Like We Said At The Beginning Of This Administration. Expect More Mass Shootings, Terrorism, Wars And Rumors Of War. Are These Recent Mass Shooters Operation Gladio Soldier, Targeted Individuals, Or Just Some Regular Ol' Crazies? Pretty Convenient In Light Of This Administrations Urge To Gun Grab And Ban Assault Weapons. We're Gonna Look Into All Of That.

May Day Is Approaching, And It Appears The Elites Have Some Plans For Us Leading Up To It. On 5/1/21 Troops Are Expected To Fully Withdraw From Afghanistan. Will It Happen? Will Biden Violate The Agreement, Sparking A New Wave Of Attacks? The Biden Administration Plans On Releasing A New Set Of (likely) "Draconian Measures" For The Unvaccinated. Are You Prepared? And What Up Witcha Man "Lil Nas X" And The Satan Shoes? Some May Think He Is Innocently Lap Dancing With The Devil, But We Know Better. "THEY'RE COMING FOR THE CHILDREN". Arent We Due For Some "Alien" disclosure? This And Much More

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Definitely a great show ALL the TIME !!! This is a very informative show. Make sure you have a pad and pen handy, to take notes.